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Our Clients

We take pride in serving our customers and consider them as part of the ITCON Team.

Building long-lasting customer relationships is what ITCON is known for and we always strive to provide world class service to meet the needs of our clientele.  For ITCON, the customer always comes first.  We work hard to exceed our customers’ expectations and are eager to tackle new challenges and overcome obstacles hand-in-hand with the customer until our efforts result in project successes.

Corporation for National & Community Service
Services Provided:
Business Intelligence & Data Warehousing, Call Center Services, Cyber Security Solutions & Information Privacy, Life Cycle Software Development
Services Provided:
Helpdesk Services, Life Cycle Software Development, SharePoint Development
Leadership Fairfax
Services Provided:
Life Cycle Software Development
New York City Health and Hospitals Corporation
Services Provided:
Cyber Security Solutions & Information Privacy, Personally Identifiable Information (PII) Security

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