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Life Cycle Software Development Case Study

Corporation for National & Community Service

ITCON has repeatedly demonstrated its capabilities in life cycle software development in its management of projects of various scopes and complexities from inception to deployment. A major IT development project that ITCON’s teams have worked on included the development of an embedded document managing system, involving the integration of new database tables, PL/SQL database packages, triggers, and reports. The new document management system was seamlessly incorporated into existing portals to create an efficient and organized management solution. The Integrated Project Team (IPT) relied on extensive documentation and close communication with all team members, customers, and stakeholders to lead the project smoothly through the project life cycle. As with all projects, ITCON’s team worked with proven Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) methods to work through the complex task order. The multi-functional team furthermore worked carefully within the customer’s individual SDLC procedures to ensure complete compliance with internal schemas and policies as well as the customer’s standard scheduled for major and minor releases.

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